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  1. Headed South tomorrow, check the Kayak section or PM...
  2. Last second call for anyone interested....
  3. Tide makes a difference but on populated beaches I normally make a habit of evening fishing. Rock up prior to sunset so you can find a good location and set up camp. Doing so avoids a bulk of the day crowds but allows you to see where to fish. Ill then normally fish into the night until I'm bored. Everyone has a theory on tide and generally no two people will agree. I like a high tide, but in saying that if I only fish during that time because I think its the best, then of course ill catch all my fish at high tide! It quickly becomes bias... I personally think beach fishing is structure dependent so that should be my first port of call. Buuut structure changes with tide so it quickly becomes a nightmare. My thoughts, don't fixate to hard... Get out when you can, fish "good" and "bad" times and see what works
  4. You get very good very quickly at wrestling assorted dangerous things in your lap. Rule one is point toothy things away from your crotch! The convenience of living near the water and owning a yak would be what dreams are made of. I wouldn't know as I live no where near the water but I can only imagine. You'll have a ball
  5. Hey mate good to here from you, my reload is still going strong as well. I'm in the same book as you with work, gone are the loose days of choosing when to fish, now I just "go" when I can. If ever you're back up you've got my details, well go chase something somewhere. Cheers mate
  6. Gotta aim big, though I agree its probably smart to have more than a 2.8m yak and a coles bag at hand. Rats are entertainment enough on their own IMO but always hoping for those bigger models. Sinker size, err about that big? I can find out for you but its a rough science. I have a number of sizes and use them loosely, the reality is if you're drifting they all sink down and if you're moving they'll all sit in the top few meters. Minimum of about 60g maybe? Idunno but theyre not small, but still towable in a kayak. Speed is what ever is comfortable, ave of about 4kmh according to my sounder
  7. Your man above is on the money. Ganghooks and whole pillies, bigger sinker, berley will get you in trouble on the Northern Beaches but if you use it make sure its washing towards where you're fishing not away from it, be mindful of surfers, the lagoon will flow out into structure but choose the best looking structure on the day and remember that very high flow areas can prove to be a real pain. Dont fixate on a single beach either, go for a drive if youre not happy with narra
  8. Get a feel for it all first but I'd join in for a trip to Kurnel, though they police that wharf pretty well. I generally go to Molli if I'm headed to BB as its a little manageable. Though it can get like a parking lot on weekends.... Can produce the goods though
  9. Lets make clear i don't land monsters, but I guess that's the goal. I just run a poor mans down rigger. No room for real down riggers on the yak and towing that resistance would prove painful. A poor mans does the trick though, if they're marking on the bottom then ill hit the brakes and get the bait down there. North Head has never proven fruitful for mass numbers of rats for me, I generally would get one solid hit a trip and that was it, alongside whatever I could spin up along the way. Though I don't frequent the area as much as I once did
  10. Down south has all the cheat codes activated, hardly open water. A good spot to test yourself in a bit of swell with local company and safety near by. Current and backwash can present problems but like anything you choose your conditions wisely. You shouldn't be out there if conditions are uncomfortable. What denotes suitable conditions depends on the location, and your understanding of the area. You'll almost always have swell and backwash to deal with but you get used to letting the kayak rock side to side and going up and down as well as whats a safe distance from the cliffs and what areas are to be avoided. For example North head always feels very rough on the way out to Old Mans Hat and I've seen people turn around because of it, but its always more comfortable past OMH in the primary swell. I also swing very wide around the SE corner of the headland as I don't like to risk going surfing. A suitable level of scepticism and following others will get you a long way in learning whats where. I always collect livies from the yak, and as a result I generally fish areas where live bait is reliable and on the way out. Actually that's another reason I find fishing systems a pain, paddling to find live bait can be a real effort especially if it is mobile or variable.
  11. Hi all, In an attempt to spark conversation, here is my new live tank pump assembly. All self contained under the lid of a water tight hatch on my kayak. 38mm inline pump sits in a scupper hole and is always primed. Its plumbed into the tank (a very high tech device called a bucket) which simple has an overflow on the top and a ball valve at the base if needed. Compact and convinient. Who else has a home build or two?
  12. Derek is on the money, little manly is your spot to go
  13. Sounds like North/Middle harbor might be the go? Though I do have a hatred for fishing systems, the traffic and the learning curve... bleh! But ill always give it a bash, you never know! Maybe we can recruit Derek as our guide to middle harbor? If people are game / feeling safety in numbers, Northhead is always worth a shot. I'm familiar enough with the area though I'm not one for secret spots. I just troll live baits around and hope for the best. And I ignore people like sharknett who have landed monster kings Ill blame my losses on not having a hobbie and getting towed into the rocks as a result. But real yakkers paddle I was down south in Lungfai's backyard over the weekend and ended up with a nice mixed bag of rat kings, salmon, big bonnies and even a little mac! A good day on the water with no company due to the forecast and recent weather. Back at the ramp at 9 right before the southerly came threw.
  14. Come on mate, take the redbacks out fo a tour of the port, theyll love it. Ill have to find time when the weathers good and hit the stones down your way. I dont do it enough anymore
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