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  1. we are based in eastern melbourne. the boat was a real fun project. it was kinda fun but very hard to make some components look very old.. yet new and still functional. those seat bases had to be scratched and then painted and then scuffed and dented. ,, yet are brand new we have a reprisal though. ch7 has a tv show that we will fit out a boat for in may. a 795 jeannaeu marlin. a much bigger boat
  2. another shot of the Decked Out tinny. featuring... lighting. LOTS of lighting. including a lazer cut steel decked out logo So this boat was to be featured on a show called "Decked Out" a kind of pimp my ride like tv show untill its early cancellation this tinny featured a custom juxtaposition motif. with all the railing around the outside painted in "rust paint" and a custom vinyl wrap that featured a worn old rusted hull finish.. .with the inside of the boat the total oposite. Led blue lighting on the floors. inside the custom rod lockers. led stainless cup holders. underwater led lights. front flood lights. hidden kill tank in the floor live well in the front thwart. two storage lockers in the back. with a separate esky in the centre. running a 22" tv in the front with Fusion sound system, with HDMI and AV ports in the back. RX200 remote in the back. twin bilge pumps. bifolding actuated rode locker hatch. Lonestar drum winch. all up it had 12 switches. the trailer was painted with a hammer tone finish. and also featured its own under trailer and above trailer LED lighting. its a shame the tv show never featured.. it may make a guest appearance at the Melbourne Boat show this year.
  3. A few snippets of our custom boat we built for a tv show. every tinny needs a stainless anchor and winch. and a 22"tv Moose
  4. i always recommend bigger is better. when you go past 800gph you usually up your hose diameter from 19mm to 25mm so.. keep than in mind when looking for skin fittings and hose. but yep. the bigger the pump the quicker the water goes away personally i recommend the johnson ultima pumps with its solid state auto switch.. no float switch, just field effect digital switch. reliable and powerful... just not.. entirely cheap. Moose
  5. hey mate so in the US you can buy the new 7xxx series with built in maps.. they are refered to as 76xx series. in australia we dont have built in maps. so we only get the 74xx series hope that helps Moose
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