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  1. If you want to target kings on baits I wouldn’t bother with frozen arrow squid, you’ll need very fresh or preferably live squid or cuttlefish, but this time of year there’s always salmon feeding on micro bait between Clarke island and the military exclusion zone. Just wind small plastics or metals through the bustups and you should hookup.
  2. My mate caught a very unhealthy trout in manly lagoon about a year ago now, so definitely not impossible.
  3. Maybe so, but there are heaps of young kids and guys that fish for pelagics, (mainly kingies) in the harbour. Luderick fishing simply isn’t very popular anymore, most young guys aren’t necessarily chasing a feed now, most are in for the sport of it, and kingies and other pelagics (along with Jewies) are a far better sport fish then luderick. (Speaking from experience)
  4. Yeah, doesn’t say when it comes into effect though, gonna tick the fish off my list before they ban it 😂. Stupidest decision I’ve ever seen by dpi, completely ignoring the species that actually need assistance through increased size limits (e.g kingfish) and banning fishing for the one species that is prevalent everywhere on the coastline.
  5. Anyone know when this completely unnecessary blue grouper ban comes into effect in nsw?
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but where you took that pic of you holding the squid is that not in the reserve area? Or just outside of it? Also how often are you checked by fisheries? I’m out a good couple times each week and have never been checked nor even seen a fisheries boat on the harbour
  7. Thanks pickles, especially as a harbour fish you don’t see many this size around at the moment
  8. Still essentially the same measurement wether the tail is straightened or not, as you can see from the attached pic. Although I do admit it wasn’t 113, just in the moment and when I made this post that’s what I called it for, it was more so around the 112 mark
  9. Wow, a true harbour hoodlum, after spending the morning getting cuttlefish we went to a wreck inside the harbour where my mate quickly landed a nice 79cm king inbetween a couple rats. After deciding to go get more bait we came back later in the day to drop more baits in the same spot. My rod however buckled over hard in the rod holder and a relatively short (4 minute) fight ensued in tight structure where this fish somehow didn’t manage to make it to the shore or surrounding moorings eventually landing it, the fight was unlike anything else where the fish just kept digging down in roughly 20 meters of water. So stoked 113cm of harbour hoodlum, the fish took a live cuttlefish with a 4/0 hoodlum hook and 50lb leader, tagged and released to fight another day.
  10. Just go to the popular kingfish wrecks/spots and you’ll find hordes of big leather jackets
  11. Well I think you jinxed it cause I just got two certificates this arvo haha, I’ve tagged about 13 now I think all in that 70-80cm range as there hasn’t been much bigger fish around, I wish fish like the ones you caught in 2021 were more common for sure, hopefully those kings you caught are still swimming around with the tags in their backs, would be interesting to see the growth over the past 2 years.
  12. Wish I got my recapture certificate when I caught my 88cm king with a tag in it, DPI never sent it out after multiple attempts of me asking for it😂. Mine also happened to shrink from 90cm - 88cm in roughly 30 days in the same system where you caught yours haha, must be some dodgy fish measurers around.
  13. Nope no wire just straight to 16lb leader with a 2.5inch baitjunkie minnow, probably was pretty luck especially so that the mackerel didn’t fully engulf the tiny lure, was my first time trying the jetty so I was hoping for anything and definitely not expecting a little mackerel. Glad my experience has been a little better than yours haha
  14. Haha yeah after I caught it a bunch of ppl came up to me saying how it was the first good fish they’ve seen caught since they’ve been there (over 5 days) other than sharks and catfish. So I think I got pretty lucky with the water clarity, but also light tackle soft plastic fishing doesn’t seem to be super popular up here landbased, most people use bait or if anything just a little halco twisty or divers, so the little plastics definitely give you an advantage up here since most people don’t use them. This is when the tough Sydney landbased lure fishing pays off 😂
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