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Community Answers

  1. Sounds like a productive sesh, good job on the fish.
  2. @spraka I was there a year ago (after the collapse) and I recall that the collapsed area was fixed. However, I'm not 100% sure if it's okay at the moment right now. However, if you avoid that particular collapsed area, you should be mostly safe. Proceed at your own caution. Tight lines.
  3. Welcome back Alkor! Lots of things have happened during your hiatus (such as the Deckee ownership), and many new members have joined. I'll be looking forward to your reports!
  4. Good job on the sesh @lhan - nice pair of flatties. I frequent Rushcutter's (5 mins away or so) and it's pretty fruitful, especially at night 1-2 hours before and 1 hours after the high tide. The sand flats on the the left hand side of the creek produce nice whiting, bream and flathead. The pontoon holds yakkas (burley up), with bream at times as well. The stretch of path on the left hand side of the marina holds many bream and flatties as well. I have also found that if you see the bream (or mullet or whiting), they won't bite. They only bite if you cast out with lures or bait. Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you want any extra info.
  5. Have you tried octopus? Of course, catching them isn't the easiest. However, once you salt them properly, they're as tough as a boot.
  6. @jaybez Well done on the month of fishing! Quality fish and quality pictures.
  7. Glad to see you get out @Fab1. Great report.
  8. Even as a non-boat owner, it makes me cringe seeing that photo. Don't know whether to laugh or not...😬
  9. Well done - sounds like a fun comp and a good way to socialise with other fishos. Good job on the report and the effort.
  10. Well done, @Mass. Amazing feed that you've got there.
  11. Good on you @big Neil for getting out there. Lovely pics.
  12. @faker you can use assist hooks on the tail end of the lure if you want, that can help with hookup rates.
  13. Pretty sure Flickwithmick on youtube made a video about that spot... Might give you an idea of what he uses to target bream (and the EP).
  14. I went to a store in burwood and bought an ISO rod for roughly $120, but if you want a proper ISO setup, as @Little_Flatty said, it is quite expensive. They also have LBD reels as well, which are quite expensive as they are imported from overseas.
  15. It's a type of fishing that incorporates floats to suspend there baits. Originally developed by Japanese and Korean fishermen to target luderick and drummer, it can be used for trevally, bream, pelagic species, etc.
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