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  1. Thanks for the info.... that pic there is an absolute cracker too!
  2. Looks like a cracker sesh...what reels and line do you run for the dollies if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Was thinking of a 12ft daiwa sensor sandstorm but would love to know any other options if anyone has any
  4. Agreed, big chain stores usually don't have as much good info of the area as the small tackle stores...people from the smaller tacklestores know the areas way better than most of the young employees at your common big chain stores
  5. Same here, always seem to have a better chance in deep gutters close to structure and little creeks
  6. Hey guys Anyone got any good ideas for a 12ft rod for my 8000 saragosa? Got it matched with a 12-24kg 9ft rod but want to shift it to a longer rod for beach fishing. It's running 50lb jbraid and I prefer to match it to a rod that's rated to run 50lb after bad experiences previously with rod guides and too heavy line. Budget is 200 or under preferably. Much appreciated if anyone can help
  7. Few nights ago headed down to Wollongong harbour breakwall not long before sunset in chase of a few salmon and tailor... bit of a north-easterly blowing but the breakwall was still packed but managed to find a decent spot at the end. Threw a 40g samaki flashboost minnow in rainbow and a 50gram lazer metal around just before the sun went down and picked up 2 tailor just over 30cm...released. The bite was on for the bait fishos so as it got dark I threw out my own bait under a float with a glow stick attached and after getting good tailor every cast I thought I may aswell get a feed out of it and after catching about 15 or so I kept 7. Glow sticks are a must when float fishing there at night especially when everyone else is using them as it helps avoid line tangles because you know where to cast. Also crucial to bite detection. Bait of choice was salted pilchard, tailor fillet, and salted yakka. Sad to see many had kept alot more than their bag limit and was very hard to warn them as many where non English speakers. Apart from that an awesome sesh with pretty much a fish a cast and a few nights feed. Also lost 2 salmon on the ledge but that happens
  8. My mate saw me reading this and was a bit confused until I informed him a different type of weed is used for blackfish🤣
  9. When the weather warms up your chances of catching should also improve. My most successful lure fishing off the rocks is usually in autumn -in saying that, you will still catch fish now, but I don't get out as much now as I would in late summer and autumn. Those lures all look alright, and I can also recommend coco rigs and micro jigs
  10. When I saw that lure the shape did look familiar! Many of my Tasmanian friends have wide arsenals of the hawk sniper lures, deadly on trout and not too pricey
  11. Great write up and report, and well done for the helping hand. Funny what you say about using the reel on the left, I have a friend who is left handed like me whereas he reels with his left and I reel with my right
  12. No fish can't ruin a night like that... think of people who pay hundreds of dollars to cruise round on the water for a few hours, not even fishing! A fishless night is easy to forget when you have a few mates and some good chat
  13. Good to see I'm not the only bloke who noticed his "specimen" pronunciation 😂
  14. That's the reason I joined fishraider. The site was always the most relevant and always at the top of the page. I don't fish as much these days but like sharing knowledge. Show wise I don't mind watching shroom, the fmimf, and flickwithmick, also many others already mentioned but I prefer fishin over watching fishin!
  15. I agree mate, I took lots of advice when I was not having any success beach fishing, but I always learnt the most when I was actually out there fishing. So if unsure, you can only try!
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