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Hols Pt 2.... And Jew


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Awesome fish LW :thumbup:

Good to see the big one finally come onboard. As you said, they can only get bigger from here.

If this is how the holiday fishing is going to be I can't wait until March. :biggrin2:



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Ok... ok....

Sorry about the lack of info, it was late and a cold :beersmile: was on the cards.

I headed out at about 2pm after spending the morning sorting out my new MG electric and the associated wiring that goes with it.

I was only really going out to get used to the electric, and have a fish as a bonus, but the wind was up and the electric was a bit difficult to use (that is for another topic...)

I wanted to go around to collect some yakkas, but there was a howling NE blowing and there was about 3m seas, so getting around the heads in my boat was not an option. I had to settle for inside the harbour (newcastle). I burleyed up and could only bring on the choppers, so that was to be my bait of choice.

After an hour battling the chop, i had about 5 choppers onboard as livies and headed up the river past stockton bridge to a good hole, after about 40 mins with only a few small bit of interest.... zzzzZZZZZ and i was on, this time i knew it was the fish i had been chasing for a while, it really tested my gear out and anything bigger an i would not have had much chance stopping it. After about 15-20mins i landed it.

Caught on a Shimano Baitrunner with 20lb mono line, and a Finn-Nor real (that was only marginally up to the task) and a live tailor as bait.

I am looking forward already to my next encounter with Mr Mulloway!


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