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My First Bass


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Hi Guys,

After 8 weeks of research, trips to the Bass Angler for my lures, and two trips, I caught my first Bass today. :yahoo:

OK, he's only a baby but I've put so much work into catching my first I'm absolutely stoked to get one, even one this small. :yahoo:

I took my little tinnie up into Nepean Gorge this morning at the very late hour of 9am. There was still a bit of shade over some of the weed beds so my mate Geoff and I proceeded to throw surface lures in amongst it under the overhanging trees.

I was using a Black Kokoda Bat (which is now my favourite lure :thumbup: ) and this little bloke jumped on and headed strait into the weed. He came to the boat with a big clump attached and swam away strongly after a few very quick pics.

Right, that's the first fish out of the way, I can now concentrate on upgrading him to some of the bigger fish I see you guys holding up in pics on here so often. :biggrin2:

Oh, did I tell you how stoked I am to get my first bass :yahoo: Good, just checking!! :074:





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Hi Guys,

Thanks heaps, I'm still stoked and was doing the groceries with the :wife: this arvy and just thought in amongst the pasta sauces, "shit, I caught my first bass today". I'm just loving it. :yahoo:

My casting into structure is getting a bit better and I was able to cast in under some tree branches without too many dramas.

Talk about skiers and stuff - geez, they don't half mind taking up their fair share of space and time at the ramp do they!!! :1yikes:

Also, when we were coming out there was a guy in the station wagon, reversed down the ramp filling up drums full of water :wacko::wacko::thumbdown: He took up one of the lanes and just took his time filling up about 5 or 6 of them!!!!!

Never mind, didn't put a damper on my day :thumbup:

Joe, no worries mate, we'll get into them on Thursday arvy hopefully. Looking forward to it!!

Thanks again, can't wait to get the next one :yahoo:


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Well done, mottyman. My first and only bass was caught in Lake Yarrunga, Kangaroo Valley last year. It went about 25cm. I remember the jubilation after finally succeeding - then the bloody thing %%%%%ed me (knew it would as well) but instictively let go. Splash!!! No photographic evidence! :1badmood:


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