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Broken Bay 11/2/06


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Put the boat in at Parsley Bay ramp just after 6.00am and headed out to Flint & Steel,

Fished for a couple of hours for an undersized Snapper and an undersized Bream. There were plenty of pickers about, so we did our bit to feed the local marine life.

Headed over to the shoreline between Patonga and Lion Island to try our luck for Flatties, none to be had.

At around 10.00 we decided to try another spot but as soon as we started motoring, the warning horn on the motor started going off!! :ranting2: I didn't think it could have overheated in the minute or so we had been travelling, and there was plenty of water shooting from the water outlet and I had filled the oil resevoir on Friday night. Sat around for a while to let it cool down, but as soon as I started it up again the warning horn started blaring again. Limped back to the ramp and pulled the boat out just after 11.00am. There were a few blokes cleaning a heap of fish at the ramp, so some did alright on the day.

Not a great day, and to top it off my son cuts his foot open on an oyster covered rock at the ramp.

Got home and after investigating it looks like the low oil sensor is faulty, only $30 for the part, no need to sell the Kidney now to pay for the repairs.

Hope others did better.


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Sorry to hear the bad luck. We started trolling from Longnose Pnt in Pittwater @ 5am and went up the west side of pittwater to west head with rapala CD9's and some plastic skirts. Got nothing all the way up and around west head so headed out around the joey and all the way down to Newport.

Turned around at Newport and was starting to head home thinking it was gunna be one of those days(we didn't take any bait with us) and we hooked up to a good size bonito (approx 50cm). 10 minutes later another bonnie. Headed into Pittwater and had a quick squid jig session around the joey and palmy. Hooked up to nice looking leather jacket on my squid jig and dropped him getting him in the boat.

Two bonnies BBQ'ed on open flames went down real nice at the end of the day. It was close to being a tough day but in the end turned out allright. I'll add the photos when I can find my USB lead for my camera.


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