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Cobia are still on my to do list, great to see that you caught one off Sydney :thumbup: ’ gives me hope that I can do the same & not travel have to some exotic location. How about a little more info such as what bait or lure, the technique used, location perhaps? :biggrin2:

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Sorry, first post was a tease, have to watch how much Im on the net at work and not get sprung.

This was boat based and in 60-80ft of water. Fight was down deep and felt different to a kingie. Im always fishing off the rocks, so even the normal kingie felt different that day compared to when I catch them landbased. Tried spinning some lures as well, but Im not used to being out in a swell and trying to cast any distance and a few times I thought I was going to go over the side when I was using the lures. This was only my second boat based attempt with fishing, the first being in botany bay.

But for the cobe, tackle set up was torium 30, 15kg line, 60lb trace...alot lighter than I would normally go when livebaiting, would have normally used 100/150lb trace or more but just didnt think of it when rigging up on the boat ( :wacko: ) Had a stud yakka on for a live bait. Bigger than any yakkas I have been getting lately off wharves . Once I finally got him up to the surface and saw the colour I was over the moon. Had a few anxious moments trying to net him but saw that the hook was set well. It took some time though as he made a few more runs down soon as we got him close. Location, we launched in port jackson and headed on from there....lets just say it looked good on the sounder. One yakka came back with a big bite chunk taken out from behind its head and just missed the hook that was set in front of its dorsal. Dont know what that was..must have been a small shark. Would have been good if it came back to finish it off and hooked up.

Cobia are strange looking fish. Big broad head, large tail and fins, and short spikes in front of the dorsal fin. Fingers crossed I can get one that is twice the size or more. Not sure how big around sydney but you never know. Next trip is back there again, and then to the FADs hopefully. WOuld love to get some mahi mahi one day.

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