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The Banks - Saturday


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I ventured down the south coast on the weekend for a much anticipated trip out from Crookhaven Heads to fish "The Banks" in my brothers 28ft centre console.

We were on the water at 5.30am and loaded up on slimeys, that were horses. First we went in search of the Fisheries Fad, but failed to find it, so we started trolling baits back towards The Banks. There must have been 30 boats working the area trolling for Marlin. About an hour passed when one of the baits was ripped off after spooking. 10 minutes later I had a good run and hooked up solid. The fish was pouring line off on 24kg and I was waiting to see it jump, when the hook pulled... bastard.

The brothers young bloke got crook after that so we trolled lures for the next hour without any action. We then anchored on a good peak and put livies down on the bottom. I caught a 65cm king almost straight away and had 2 more livies eaten. I was also drifting bottle squid down on my baitcaster and got hammered. 10 minutes later and a thumper of a Mowie, just over 3kg comes up... It was good fun on the 4kg gear, but I was spewing as when I first saw colour it looked to be a decent red.

We caught a few more mowies before the sweep moved in. Trolling home we caught a few smallish dolphin fish, one rate king and a few bonito.

All in all it was a fun day.


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