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Bass Session


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My Son and I decided to fish at Wallacia last Sunday morning.

We arrived around 5am and had to lug my canoe down to the river about 50m because the council have locked the access gate.

Started fishing as soon as we could see well enough to cast. I started using a large muddler minow on 6WT fly rod and my son using a cricket hopper. After he had caught 3 to my one, I decided to put the fly rod away and joint him on the lures.

We fished shallow divers until about 8am and then went to deeper divers as the light began to increase.

Sunday was a great morning as it was slightly overcast early with a few minor rain showers so the fish were still active right up to 10am.

In all we landed 16 bass many of them small but 4 around 35cm had many more fish lost before landing them and plenty of strikes that did not hookup. Released all to fight another day.

Watched a Platapus play and feed for about 5 minutes.

I love bass they are so agressive I caught one about 75mm long on a 50mm lure.

Tight Lines All

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