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Fishing For Sharks


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Hi, I'm new to the forum although I've been reading it and picking up tips for some time.

I've been interested to read of all the sharks being caught at the moment in parts of the harbour and off the beaches.

Never having caught one I'd like to do so at least once.

I sometimes fish the harbour by boat so can try that way but I'm also keen to try catch one from the shore.

I'm assuming that night fishing is the way to go.

Any suggestions as to where I could try and baits/rigs would be appreciated.



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have you got a crazy mate with a surfboard????

Cause I hear that Stockton has a good population of sharks!!!

(Dunno if the ban is lifted or not..didn't it expire on the 31/12??)

I wouldn't recommend doing it without a mate who owns a surfboard thou!!!

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Here you go matey, I asked the same question a few weeks ago...


Just for future reference, this section is for fishing reports, questions like yours go in the fishing chat section of the site, and you're more likely to get decent responses in there...

Also, try using the search function, as a lot of the time your question may have already been asked and answered...

And finally :1welcomeani: to the site...

Cheers, Tony.

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Thanks guys.

Sorry I put request in wrong place.

I've been getting a few Kings around the harbour markers, some undersize, some legal, fancied something bigger. (But not stingrays!!!)

I know that nothing compares to a Kingie kilo for kilo.

And brains too for that matter.


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