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Valentines Line Wetting - The Spit


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I arrived home from work yesterday, to be met by the wife telling to get the fishing gear together. Dinner was packed, and it was off to the Spit. We decided to give it a go on the South Western side of the bridge, and settled down to get the gear together. In truth, this was more about the dinner, than the fishing. Anyway, after filling ourselves, and getting the families rods rigged, I finally got to throw in a SP. I've always fished off the Tinny in this area, so the side was something new to me. The first indication of the trend for the evening, was when my wife pulled in a very mangled SP. I offered that she should pay more attention to the bites - this was met with indifference. As I retrieved my SP I felt heaps of tugs, but could not get a hook-up. After about 7 SP's totally destroyed(smirks from the wife - I told you so style!!), a bit of bread on a small hook brought home the bacon - or the leather jackets!!!! 100's of the suckers, biting anything that moved. About 3 packets of Squidgeys, a great feed of cold meats and antipasto, and a few beers later, it was home time. I won't be back to that area with out the boat!!!! :1prop:

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Ha Ha, gotta love those Leatheries NOT!!!

I was fishing Nowra district on the weekend and I was getting hammered with Tailor. Not only me but also me mates, so that is what I thought it was when reading your report.

I have read somewhere else aswell that the Leatherjacket are out in forice.


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Ha! I'll just bet that it was!!! :1prop:

Good report - seems like those leatheries are out in force at the moment. Lucky they taste so good!

They do taste good, but these were really only about 15cm long, and not really worth the effort. I threw everything back, much to the ire of my young son.

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