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Flat Rock Point, Brooklyn. 19/02


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Hey all,

Not much to report, for my first report ever haha.

Didnt have a chance to target the jewfish today due to lack of fresh bait, and had to go wherever the family went, which wasnt a very good spot for jewies. :(

Spent the morning, having a bbq with family at flat rock point so decided to flick around some plastics for a little while.

Got there about 6am :biggrin2: just before light (which the rest of the family wasnt very happy about), and fished for two or three hours. in the first hour, just managed two little flathead, one on a killer tomato squidgy and the other on a jelly prawn squidgy.

So all in all, not a very productive session, but it was good to get out there and fish.


Davy :1fishing1:



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