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Went out for a fish today in the harbour. I launch from Rose Bay in a VERY small tinny and usually fish off the Eastern Wedding Cake.

Thats where i headed today. Got there at about 9:30am. Action was a little slow at first and there didn't seem to be many Yakkas aorund. Eventually at about 10:15 i managed to catch some bait and no sooner had i sent the Yellowtail down when it got absolutely hammered. A short but strong fight proceeded and i netted number one kingy for the day at 63cm which i released.

Things went quiet again for a while but then i caught two more in about 10 minutes. The first one went back in for another day, whilst sods law, the last fish i hooked which looked to be closer to 80cms, and was definitely destined for my Esky, managed to slip the hook just as i was about to net it! Bugger! :1badmood:

Anyway the real reason i felt compelled to write was to say what happened next. At about 12pm i decided i'd had enough and got ready to leave. I started my engine and then went to pull the anchor. My anchor was well and truly stuck and as i was straining to move it the engine cut out. Try as i might i couldn't get it going again.

At this stage i was facing a bloody long row back to ROse Bay which i wasn't too keen on. But luckily the guys in the boat next to me came to my rescue. They had a go at starting the engine first - but to no avail - and then they towed me all the way back to Rose Bay. ABSOLUTE LEGENDS!

Cheers guys - you saved me a lots of hassle and you restored my faith in human nature!

Hope everyone else had some luck today.

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