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Pearl Beach Sunday

Blood Knot

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Hi Raiders

Took the family to Pearl Beach for a swim & lunch today. Being ever hopeful, tossed in a 8ft spin rod, softies and a couple of metal lures. Got out on the rocks after lunch and first retrieve (on the plastic) was followed back by a silver and blue colored fish, same thing happened next couple of casts but the fish kept turning off at the last the minute. Changed over to a sniper and caught about ½ dozen smallish tailor (around 30cm).

Then finally a hooked up on one of the silver & blue models, put a nice bend in the rod and taking drag at last. Alas dropped it about 30 feet from the rocks. Bloke next to me landed one though, and called it for a mackerel tuna. Personally not to sure about the ID as it did not seem to have the markings on the back and the spots. Sure was an incredible iridescent blue on top and through to the tail (was about 2 kgs I guess). Obviously some sort of Tuna, may be a Longtail or Bluefin ??.

Caught one myself about the same size an hour later but had left the camera on the beach so no photo to help with ID. Can anyone throw any light on the subject for me ?

Good entertaining session anyway and the first time I have caught any thing up there in 4 or 5 trys. Also learning you catch fish if you dont take a camera with you.


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