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Broken Bay 18/2/06


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Had a plan to hit the Kingies so arrived at Parsley Bay @ 4.00am and headed straight out to Bangalley head. Plenty of Yakkas and so far was looking very promising but as time went on no Kingies. Only managed one stray at 80cm. Things were extremely quiet so decided to head around the corner and berley hard for some Bream in St Micheals Cave. Within 10mins my young fella was on and brought up a healthy 35cm Bream. The next 2 hours were unreal one Bream after another, spose these are the spawning fish starting to make their run into the Hawkesbury. All up caught 12 in total of which we kept 6. All fish caught on Yakka fillets wouldn't take anything else!! :1fishing1:

As the sun go higher went down to Long Reef and managed 5 Reds ranging from 40cm to 60cm. Been quite a while since I've caught a Red that size. All in all a great day, calm seas great weather and best of all fresh fish on the barbeque.

Sorry no pics this time my young fella forgot the camera :05:

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My word they did, had the sister inlaw over with her clan and managed to polish them all.

I was just talking to a guy at work and it's strange how there are no stripies around. Usually their thick this time of year

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