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Botany Bay, Cooks River


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hi fellow raiders

just let you know what Ive been up to. Went down to Botany Bay at the entrace of the cooks river early sunday morning. Fishing at the end of the rocks. Ive been down there a few times and there is an italian guy down there all the time. Using some squid bought from Kyeemagh Bait & Tackle, first caught a few baby snapper and a few small bream.

Then while i was re rigging my girlfriend's line, a see my rod bending slightly, I thought it was just the wind, and kept looking and it keeps going bend bend! im like to my gf, ill be right back, pulled in a nice looking bream, close to 1kg.

Other things i caught: 1 baby octopus, 1 30cm tailor a few yakkas... a plastic bag and a bloody boat that took my line for a spin! :ranting2:

but it was a good day out.

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