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Weekend (18-19 Feb 2006)

Guest madsmc

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After early starts both days for the last two weeks, my beloved :wife: put her foot down about having a sleep in so I ended up with a middle of the day session on Saturday and a late arvo on Sunday.

On Saturday I worked my usual patch of foreshore at Stockton (11:30am to 3pm) for six flathead to 45cm. All were released. I was using one of those pre rigged Kokoda shad's (5cm) in pink. There were a fair few choppers around as well so their efforts combined with the flatties saw the shad in tatters by the end of the session. I'm surprised the tail section lasted as long as it did.

Also managed another first fish on plastics, a grinner of about 15cm, not that I'll be bragging about that. :thumbdown: It's teeth wrecked a brand new wriggler! :ranting2:

Took the :wife: and the young fella for a picnic dinner down at Spears Point (Lake Macquarie) late Sunday afternoon, so I had a bit of a swoff with a bread fly for an hour or so after dinner for zip, but it was nice to be down there at that time of the afternoon.



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