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Botany Bay


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Hi all,

With the current excitement of kings in the bay i was given an offer to chase these tasty morsels and an offer that i couldnt refuse. The boys had been having success on kings using live nippers (which i found mildly surprising), peeled prawns and small pilchards. It was no wonder that the kings were under legal size but any king is better than no king.

We anchored at Moul. Point at first light and were second to hold position. This was the first time i have fished this spot and didnt know the etiquette here. Within the hour we were in the middle of a car park it seemed and boats had no worries about dropping the pick within very small casting distance. Not being used to this created a little frustration but i soon realised it was the norm had a chill pill and just got on with fishing.

As soon as the tide started the run in action began with schools of trevors hunting in packs. These were of smallish size but a good feed none the less. The bream made an appearance on the pilchards being around the 28cm mark and was an added bonus to the catch. To add to the assorted bag we got two duskies, a sandy and a chinaman.

Unfortunately there were no kings to catch... didnt even see another boat catch one but the trvors saved the day. As it turned out anyway i spent more time stretched out on my floor with back problems than i did fishing but i couldnt think of a better way to recover than on the water. Thats what i told the missus anyway.

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Well done!

Sorry to here about your back, I too suffer back pain - get one of your buddys to walk on your back - works for me (but i must amit i would prefer a 5.5" blonde to do it)

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