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Longy Jews


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An arvo/evening session off long reef with good mates ben and paul mahony onboard.

Fished a close in ground just out the front for a good mixed bag of bream,amberjack, platey reds, bonito, and numerous small kingfish. Hooked a serious kingfish on a 50lb handline and live pike which lasted only seconds.

Just before the sun departed for the day we ran out to a favourite february jewfish ground. Just after the full moon and with a high tide shortly after dark.

The jews came on at 8.40pm. Pulled 3 fish to 5kg right away. Tailor were frustratingly thick and it was impossible to get a bait through them for the jews we knew were there.

Pulled a chopper of 920mm which weighed 14lb, and a second chopper of 10lb - both on live pike.


'gettin wet'

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