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Couple Of New Ones


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Anyone else get frustrated with these new auto-focus digitals when it comes to split second timing :wacko:

when you have to wait for the camera to focus and you miss the shot.

Heres a couple I took last week that I thought came out OK, as I anticipated the shot and focused ( on what I dont know ) before the action happened and then clicked when I saw movement :biggrin2:

obviously its not perfect, but..

...its the only way I can see around it without reading the instruction manual



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....Holding out on us???.......well maybe......heres another; as you can see its not an exact science as it didnt focus properly


however the next one did

by the way taken at Seaworld San Diego

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Nice pics coach I bet the splash from that killer whale would have been amazing to see. Have you got any more pics? I know your holding out on us :biggrin2:

Hang on.... if he is coach then i must be.,..

"Choice bro!!!" :074::074::074:

The last pic of the killer whale is awesome.. imagine one standing up on its tail like that looking down at ya!!!

(I have never seen one in the wild, but apparently there were reports of a small group off sydney a few years ago)

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