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Port Hacking Sat 4 March 06


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Hi all,

Well my wife had a house full of kids and Mums planned on Sat, so I was let out to play ( "gone fishin") :biggrin2: .

Hit the water just before light, putted out of Dolans Bay, across to Mainbar sand flats and pumped nippers, no did not get bitten...my trick is when I get the big fella's, I grab a pair of pointy pliers and snap the pincer off the big claw, this way he still waves alot saying come 'get me', and I avoid getting nipped!!!

Anyway drifted the drop offs for a while, scored a couple of flatties on nippers and a few smaller ones on sp's. Nothing much happening so headed around to a drop off I know and drifted through an eddie that runs off a sand flat into a deep hole.....snapper evrywhere :biggrin2:

I was using a patternoster rig with light weight and hooked at least 8 - 10 snapper in 1 hr. The problem being they were all 28/29cm, so 1/2cm off legal, so I released them as they were caught :ranting2:

I thought, bloody hell surely their mum / dad or big uncle could have a go, but this was not to happen!!!

Anyway stuffed around fished everywhere with everything I had, got zilch....then heading home just near the boat ramp there is another nice drop off, I still had nippers left (as I went back and topped up before the high hit)...so thought I would drop a few over the edge and drift back to the ramp...once again :1yikes: the nippers got slammed and guess who by??? The snapper 29'ers club, I could not pull a trick again pulled up about 6 in 30 mins with the optimistic attitude of " I know you're there big fella" so steak on the BBQ Sat night but overall a great day out.

Cheers guy's and good luck on the next outing.

I'm going to have a go one night this week under Cpmo bridge for a few jewies/ big bream, will let u know how we go!!

Adios!! WD

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Know exactly what you mean. We did the drift of the entrance to back of Gibbon bommy and caught several undersize flatties and bream on baits to sp's the week before. Then my outlaw snagged something with weight but didn't set the drag light and snappo the line went. Brother in law got a nice snapper 3 kg on sp and then not to be outdone I got onto a nice 55cm Kingy jumped onto the line and gave a god fight before I landed him. This was about my fifth trip with all the same scenarios except two bigger ones. :1prop: We cracked it at last fo s feed. Better luck next time

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cheers BB, good to hear you're pulling up snapper on sp's.

I was thinking of trying them at the time though with a bucket full of nippers, well why not have a go and see what happens.

cheers mate better luck next time out..

catch ya wd

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Hey wdfish,

Almost nearly there , but good to see you put them back .

Another hard luck story on the jew hunt , had a couple of good

solid runs & felt some good weight , but nothing stuck.

Did'nt bother with the squid i used live bait instead.

Thnx for the reply on my post

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