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Five Dock Bay Land Based

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Hand was damn itchy for some luring today and so with Google Earth, decided to suss out some new land base spot. Decided to give my spin fly a try today but alas put too much weight on the leader resulting in snagging on the 2nd cast! NO!!! :ranting2: There goes my one and only spin fly! Grrr.... :1badmood:

Moved out of the wading zone and decided to play safe on rock walls. Used sp first to recce new terrain. The toads are more deadlier than their cousins in ICs! :1badmood: 2 sps were sacrificed in the process. :thumbdown:

Then, knowing the previous success on the wee whop, I gave it a try again. In the next few casts, up came 2 whitings consecutively. Way to go fatty! :thumbup: Switched to a chug bug hoping to disturb their turf but only resulted in blind splashes. It was dark and time to pack up. Itch cured.. :1prop:


whiting 1


whiting 2

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