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Reconascence Trip


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G`day Fellas ,

Legged it down to the Local yesterday to check out the beach for Tonight.

Bumped into Local legun Steve Peters who had spun for Tailor from Wallabi Point to The Old Bar Surf club and had come up emty .

Seemed the Tailor were there , but just too far out for him to score , but I did see a "blow in" with a legal Flattie in his bucket , so he was happy.

The young fella unbeknown to me was fishing about 1 click up the Beach behind the caravan park , and caught 4 nice whiting , but no jews.

I shall make my comeback tonight with the Lil Fella , who turned 39 Today.

I have made a mental note , not to show him up on his birthday , I just Hope I don`t forget , But ya know whats its like when the whips are cracking !!.


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G`day Fellas ,

Yeah Hi Clutch , I was hoping the Pressure stayed at 1020 , they go bonkers here at 1020 .

Narrow Gutter , small hole, and bingo , most times you do well.

High Tide about 8pm of 1.25 is a bit of a let down though , I would have prefered 1.5 at 7Pm , which would have been a dead set bulls eye .

But I need to get out for a few hours , the walls are starting to close in.

With any luck , we might just nail a cousin to that 50 pounder a visitor caught at Xmas.


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