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Lake Macquarie


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We had an early morning start from Dora Creek onto Lake Macquarie to target Blue Swimmer Crabs for the Sydney visitors and we were rewarded with 10 beautiful specimens. The crabs were caught on hand lines and scoop nets with mullet as bait. Our witches hats were not very successful with only one crab from five nets. Lately the crabs have been a bit shy and tend to drop off the bait very easily :mad3: - some days they all hang on well and other times they are very timid. We all ate well that night with a couple of wines/beers. Yum


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Diane - I am green with envy. 10 blue swimmers is a hell of a good feed - great work!

Can I ask what you look for when deciding where to put your lines out to chase crabs? I'd love to try to repeat your success on one of the systems closer to Syd, such as the Hacking or Brissie waters. I wouldn't know where to start though - I'd probably end up catching flatties instead (not that there's anything wrong with that!!)


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