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Operation Salvage: Sx40

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Went out with AgentX yesterday late arvo for a lure session. First hit Mort Bay and was disappointed to find out that the water was a bit too deep. Then switched to IC to see if I can hook up the flattie that took blood knot's sx40 home. :1prop: Played with various HBs to no avail. As it was about to get dark, decided to tie on a grub. Few casts later, up came a smallish flounder, jeez.. can't even feel their bites, they just somehow appear at the end of the line! :wacko: After her release, I cast the grub back at the same spot, with a really dead slow dragging along the bottom, coupled with mini twitches, I felt bites. Conventional wisdom makes me stop the lure and slowly reeling in the slack. The bites were still there and then I strike. It made 2 good runs before letting me reel her in. Ooh yeah, my IC-pb breambo of 38.5cm. :biggrin2: No drama releasing this big gal. My kix had a good workout. :thumbup: Just on dark, had a dropped flattie but wasn't blood knot's 55 model. AgentX had a couple too, just couldn't find the sx40. The search is still on... :ninja:




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