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Ic Morning Session


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Had a flick this morning with Outdoordan at IC.

Between us we managed many lizards in the 30-40cm range - Dan managed the majority of the fish.

As it closed in on 8am I was having my last couple of casts with a 2" atomic grub in Motor Oil (with garlic scent) and hooked up to a 38cm (overall) Bream which basically equals my PB taken in the Parra River on a social in Dec 2005.

The fish gave a jump and splash (very bass like) as it was hooked and then proceeded to become very lazy all the way in (almost flathead feeling) staying low and deep in the water until it was within 1 metre of the land when it took a run and pulled a bit of drag.

Funny that I have caught bream in the mid 20cm range that have peeled drag with numerous runs.

I also took note that a couple of mid 30cm specimens that I have taken seem to jump soon after being hooked - almost mullet like.

I took a shot with the camera phone - didnt do it much justice but I will try and get it on the PC in the next couple of days and post it.

All in all it was a great session and looking forward to the next outing.

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Seems like morning session are better than the evenings. Yeah I agree that the bigger breams lack the fighting stamina than the smaller ones, what a pity. :thumbdown:

All the larger bream ive caught have given great accounts of themselves, I think you may have just hooked a lazy bugger. :1prop:

I've been doing a fair bit of evening sessions at IC, and had some good luck. just remember persistance is the key, and variety is the spice of life. don't just stick to the same SP or HB, find out what works on the day. Experimenting is half the fun.

congrats Ian on your new or renewed PB, another great morning and we'll do it again real soon.


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