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Eastern Suburbs Beachfishing

Mondo Rock

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Quick report from a weekend that didn't inculde all that much fishing.

Headed down to the Bra yesterday evening for a quick fish in one of the more productive looking gutters. Bait was live beach worms, tide was a couple of hours after low - rig was your standard running sinker down to swivel w/ meter long leader.

Within an hour I had bagged four good sized whiting, having received consistent bites and missed a couple throughout the session. Four was enough for me so I wandered over to a young family fishing next to me using plastics (and not having any luck) and gave them my remaining worms. Within five minutes their young daughter was pulling a whiting up the beach, and ten minutes later the dad pulled in a monster whiting that, at about 40cm, put all of mine to shame. The bastard!! :thumbup:

Anyway - it was a good session - plenty of bites to keep me interested, the occasional surfer to avoid, and the usual traffic of interested spectators stopping to have a chat and watch me pull the fish in. There was also a little tern dive-bombing the gutter no more than three feet out from the shore and getting little silver baitfish from a reasonable sized school. I was worried it would break its neck in the shallow water - but it clearly knew what it was doing.

All up a very enjoyable end to the weekend.

Sorry - no pics - will have to head back down this week just to get some!!

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