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Friday Night 17-03-06


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hi hi Raiders

just a quick report about my night down at Little Manly. I got there just before 7.30pm and set up rods. These Polish guys come down and set up right next to me! :mad3:

But luckily there was plenty of fish for all of us. Hooked up 2 good sized bream within 10 minutes. and the rest of the night was after tailor. Beautiful night with the tide coming in and just a slight breeze with a full moon and a beautiful scene of the city.

You could hear the tailor jumping around, and nearly every cast was a fish on the end. I lost about 4-5 fish then switched to a metal lead and the fish just kept coming! I only stayed for about 2.5 hours, would have loved to fish the high tide but I got my quick fix!



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All the fish were caught using baited rigs. I havent tried SP's at night, not sure how effective it is. Where in north curl curl do you fish? Wouldnt mind heading up there for a bit of a fish if alrite.

gday Chris,

yea there are alot of rats down there and a few even tried to run off with my bait lol. I saw a few albino rats too! Ive been there during the day as well, and I also have caught nothing. Looks alrite for squid too. Wouldnt mind setting in a tinnie and drift around in the deeper water, mite come up with some bigger fish like a pack of lost king fish!

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Sure is.You have to pick your times as the ledges are quite low.There are a few ledges abit higher but onshore and big waves see you looking else where to fish like off the sth curly pool on high tides

I just had a look at the map, hows the fishing in the lake (im not what it is??)

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