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Hi Guys,

Well, I finally did it, scored two bass today well over the 30cm mark :icon_peace:

I headed out from Tench at about 5:30am in the pitch black and took my time heading up river through the narrows. This was my first ever outing in the dark but my navigating was OK and I started fishing well before the sun got up.

I must say, it's a bit freaky way up there in the gorge in the dark, kind of "blair witch project" freaky!! :wacko::wacko:

First fish to the boat was a 24cm model (a PB for me) which had a big nasty looking sore on his side. He fought like a champion so I don't think he was sick or anything, but I didn't like the look of it. :thumbdown:

He swam away very strongly with a splash so assume he's OK.

Next to the boat was another PB of 36cm. This was the fish I've been trying for since I started bass fishing in January and to say I was stoked would be a massive understatement. :yahoo:

But... better things were to come.

Very next cast, I hit the spot perfectly in close to the bank and twiched the lure back, and... let it rest, and rest, and re..... BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely smashed with a huge splash of water that scared the resident ducks!! :074:

This fish just took off and I had the drag singing for a short time which was fantastic. I got him to the boat after he made 3 dashes into the weeds and netted him.

37cm - my current PB. :thumbup:

I was now carrying on like a mad man having the time of my life and just savoring the moment.

I collected myself and put the lure back on the spot, another hit but this time pulled the hooks shortly into the fight. I couldn't have cared less at this point!!

I had heaps of hits that didn't hook up in this particular spot and at one point had three tiny bass the size of my thumb hitting the lure right next the boat. They'd follow, have a peck, another follow, so funny to watch. They weren't much bigger than the lure and gave me a nice little show.

I had to be home by 9.30am (wouldn't you know it) to get Andy to a Dr's appointment so fished the banks back down the river for a few more hits and one dropped fish. Pulled the hooks which was a shame as it felt like another reasonable fish.

All the fish were taken on the surface on Black Kokoda Bats with 8lb Berkley Vanish leader, 6lb fireline.

Here's some pics:









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Boy how could you NOT read this report with a title like that :biggrin2:

Way to go Dave, that sure sounds like a lot of fun :thumbup:

I've been reading all your reports and I can tell that your stoked to have UPSIZED :yahoo:

Nice fish mate!

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Awesome work David ,you are now the master at scoring bass on surface lures :thumbup: Now to get a 50 cm one :1yikes:

Cheers Stewy

Well done!!! You've gone from little success to a heck of a lot in a short time. What an achievement. :1yikes: Beautiful bass pics - they all look very healthy. :biggrin2: They would've gone for their lives on 6lb fireline - what a hoot!!! :yahoo: Great report, I'm waiting to see a 50cm+ model before the weekend. :1prop:


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Hey Guys,

It's 5.30pm and :wife: is so sick of me carrying on about Bass :074::074:

I am entirely stoked and just can't get the smile off my face :biggrin2:

I don't know about the "master" on surface lures Stewy, there are a few seasoned Bass fisho's around who might dispute that!! :074:

I tried some lipless crank baits along the edge of the weedbeds down deep as it got later in the morning once the surface hits slowed but to no avail. Every bass I've caught so far have come right off the surface or less than 1 metre down, not that I'm complaining, it's so exciting to watch them hit the lure!! :yahoo:

Thanks everyone for your kind comments.:thumbup:



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Thanks Stewy, I just love the Kokoda Bats!! I have a box full of surface lures, some I haven't even got wet yet!!! :074:

Your right about the weed up there. Surface lures is the only way to go!! :thumbup:

I think the key is slow the lure right down and be patient. Most hits today came when the lure was stationery, right after a little twich. When I started I didn't have the patience to let the lure sit and would work it right back to the boat far too quickly.

I guess it's a learning process. It doesn't matter how much advice you get, till you get out there and do it and see what works that's when it really sinks in.

I having a ball and never thought catching Bass would be so great! :yahoo:

One of these days, I might even get back to the salt and have a go at some bream, but not for a while yet :biggrin2:



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well done David :thumbup:

im working only 2 minutes from the river but have been too busy to get out as yet. Im going to have a crack early tomorrow morning at either the rowing club (hope those :ranting2: that broke into your car arent reading this) or somewhere next to the boat ramp. I took a drivw the other day at lunch and found the ramp and that whole park area looks fishy. i noticed the weed is real nasty in close though, do you have any ideas where is best to access the water here?

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Guest madsmc

Top stuff David :thumbup:

With the effort you've been putting in, it was only a matter of time before the bass started getting bigger. Hopefully that trend will continue for you mate, well done. :biggrin2:



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Thanks Shane and Narra - it's certainly not through lack of effort and research let me tell ya!!!! I've spent so much time in search of Bass it's just not funny!!!!

i noticed the weed is real nasty in close though, do you have any ideas where is best to access the water here?

Hi Jewnut,

IF you're shore based, anywhere along the bank from Tench reserve all the way down to the weir is worth a shot. You can get down to the water in lots of places, it's just a matter of walking the bank. There are little tracks and stuff down to the waters edge along the way.

Don't be put off by the weed. Use surface lures (I don't have to tell you what I would recommend :074: ).


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cheers david,

with the rain this morning i couldnt go but will be out in the morning, dont start work till 8.30 tomorrow :yahoo:

Sounds good mate. I've done well in the late afternoon down there directly after a shower of rain when the sun comes out nice and hot. Lots of insects come out in the humidity and when the cidada's start singing, it's all good. :thumbup:

Let us know how you go!!


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