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Weekday Fish

Guest fishrunner

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Guest fishrunner

Went out botany day today for a flick,. :biggrin2:

Things started well with a few bream, 25- 30cm . A few flathead round the 35cm, missed a beauty of about 65cm which did my leader 3 mtrs from the boat. Stuck with 6 lb as I was getting hits pretty often and didn't want to upset the balance.

All of a sudden things started to change when I got a 46 cm beauty :thumbup: which put up a good fight in 2 ft of water above all the oyster bars got him in lost another same size 6 ft from the side of the boat. :( .

Got busted up by a few , though it was all fun.


timer photo's, oh well, elbow slapper


couple of the "others". underwater in the tank

All in all a good day.


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Guest fishrunner

Great report, great fish!!! Well done! 46cm is a beautiful bream. :1yikes: I'm envious. :biggrin2: Pity about the flattie though. :thumbdown: What a strange head on the bream! Any ideas about that?


Have to agree with mottyman ,- most likely net damage.

Outdoordan the smaller bream round 30 cm were on 3 inch minnows and power hawg was the undoing of the big one. they also accounted for most hits from the larger models that did me :1worthy::1wallbash:


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That's a simply sensational fish - one that anyone should be proud of. Well done, Mr. Fishrunner!

Shame you didn't get the other one to the boat.

There's many a fisherman who'd give his casting arm to get a fish like that in a tournament...


P.S. I love the "elbowslapper" photo - no one could ever doubt the size of a fish based on that!

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