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Tassie Trout

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Hi all,

I thought I'd finally put a report up here.

I headed out to the south esk river at Hadspen after work yesterday. Now with daylight savings over, it was always going to be a very quick sesh but I had the hope of finally getting a big fish on my new ultralight trout spin rod which I've now had for a couple of weeks but unfortunately haven't had much chance to use and then I've only scored littlies. Sadly this wasn't to be though I did manage one trout for the evening (34.5cm) which at least beat my previous best (30.5cm) on the new rod so they're slowly getting bigger.

Second fish is the larger more recent one, other is prev. best.





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They're great photos Wrasseman - especially the first one. I really like the way you've framed it with the fish half-way in the water and the lure still in its mouth.

Good fish as well, by the way - great to see that the simple old chrome lures still take trout down your way.

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