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Tutukaka Coast, Nz


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Hello Raiders, my :wife: Kim and I have just returned from a week away 2.5 hrs north of Auckland at a beautiful bay called Matapouri. Our trip was mostly to relax, however the rented home had a 10 ft tinnie so I took my 5 hp so we could get out and try our luck on the fishing front


Arrived friday night and arose saturday morning to stunning weather so I readied our gear and out we went mainly on a reconnaisance mission as we havent fished there before.....spent most of the day putting around cheching the place out before we anchored and Kim landed her PB Kahawai/Salmon


The wind started picking up in the arvo as a storm was brewing and by the time we returned to Matapouri at near low tide the estuary had no water in it and we had to carry the motor, boat, rods, etc, etc up the beach and to the house :(

One can only navigate the estuary a couple of hours either side of high tide so from now on we would strictly adhere to the tides :biggrin2:

Sunday was a rainy, stormy day that helped whip up some huge swells outside the bay. We stayed home all day :beersmile::beersmile:

Monday things had improved immensley and we decided to venture out. As we exited the bay we were met by said huge swells :1prop: .......they probably werent too big for you guys but in the 10 footer they seemed decent sized. In fact Kim mentioned to me that maybe it was a bit too rough but we anchored with the motor running for 5 min to make sure our little pick was holding against the NE swell wanting to push us toward the rocks.........We were fine so over the lines went and maybe 5 min later my rod bent over and I was on...........it was taking line so I increased drag and over the next minute or so ended up maxxing my drag and basically waiting for him to tire sufficiently to take some line back. He was still able to take line off the TLD15 ....which is loaded with 15kg.


Note the waves either side in this pic. This is my PB Kingy at 78cm

Tuesday were back out swells a little better but still there. Kim caught this Porae, a first for her so another PB


Wednesday was our last day and although we had been regularly catching small snapper we werent able to catch any of size so the trip was a little dissappointing from that perspective.

But on Wednesday we had only just parked up and Kim was on.......with a NEW species and therefore another PB. ...She caught a Kingy!!


It was also Kim that got this tho.......... :074::074:

Any way a great trip away, but back to work tomorrow.

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Clutch we all love your reports and photography. I would almost sponsor you to go out and catch big snapper and kings just to post the reports and photos.

You're a blessed man to have a missus who will cheerily wet a line.

Good on ya mate


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Guest fishrunner

Nice report clutch,

Congrats on the great king and congrats to Kim for so many pb's. :thumbup: .

cheers :beersmile:

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Great report clutch. Well done to you and Kim on scoring several PB's. The photographs were excellent mate, I did check out the swell, would've been worrrying in a tinnie...



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Guest madsmc

Great trip there Clutch! :thumbup: Congrats to you and Kim on some excellent fish, especially those kings :1yikes:



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Thanks for your great replies guys :thumbup: We had a great time up there and will definitely be going again. Initially we were going to take the tinnie to the rocks and cast from the rocks but the swells ensured quite a bit of lift, making it a bit of a mission getting from boat to rock and vice versa

Next time we will do things a little different. I've kinda caught the Kingy "Buzz" and will be live baiting next time. Those two were caught on pillies sent to the bottom, so I imagine that with live-bait you could have a field day :biggrin2:

We ended up finishing early on the last days session as heaps of small crap/ and bait fish were attacking our baits as they hit the water and followed it down to the bottom where they devoured it :(

I remember looking at some sabikis I have at home and didnt take them :wacko:

In the 10 footer you dont have much room........we took no berley, not even a net or gaff.....that Kingy was just dragged over the side like everything else.

Heres a pic you may be able to make out some fish attacking our baits

that Porae looks like a morwong, is it a morwong and u guys just call them porae like the salmon and kahawai?


Chris, you and Flattieman may be onto something. I did a search and the Blue Morwong and the Porae look like the same fish to me :biggrin2:

Spanker, if only I coulld find a job like that :biggrin2:

Simon, I'll PM you.

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Hi Clutch,

can u tell me if a Porae is also known as a Terakihi?

cheers :1fishing1: penguin.

No Penguin mate, they are different in that they have a distinctive black "saddle' on their shoulders

you know i've heard about Terakihi all my life and have never caught one...........cant be many in the Hauraki Gulf :biggrin2:

Heres a pic

Edited by clutch
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