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Bot Bay 11-4-06


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Hi raiders,

Fished Botany Bay Tues,went to 3rd runway(5.30am)

we boated 2 bream to 32cm,2 trevs to 38cm,1 flatty 42cm

1 flounder 32cm,then the slimeys moved in and we were gettin

hammered on every bait we had non stop for 20mins,then

I saw a huge silver flash go by under the boat as the slimeys

bolted out of there.Then my big rod which had a whole squid on it

bends as the reel starts to scream,and throws out 30lb mono at an

alarming pace,I grab the rod set the hook and this fish is still goin

and goin,I tighten the drag a bit more and he stops after taking a

good 80 mtrs of line,I get about 20 mtrs of line back,then hes off

again hard left, and straight to the yellow marker bouy,I feel my

line rub hard on something then the enevitable,ping,he busts me

off :ranting2: .Crazy John in the boat beside us cant help but laugh

at my situation.

I re rig but nothing ever touched that rod again all morn.We caught

2 more bream to 35cm,1 trev and a s__t load of slimeys that would

not go away and let us fish for something desent. :mad3: so we

called it a day.

Cheers :1fishing1: penguin.

Edited by penguin
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