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Broken Bay 14-4-06


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Kept up with our tradition of wetting a line on Good Friday, have done with my dad since I was 5. Now it's me my 2 sons and my Dad. Anyway left Brooklyn at 5.00am and headed straight for Hole in the Wall and fished in close with floaters for 8 Reds ranging from 38cm to 45cm. By about 8.00am when the sun got up a bit higher all went dead. I can't believe how calm it was today absolutely glorious.

Headed out to Reggies to find the DAMM leatheries there in plague proportions, on go the wire rigs and my 2 boys had a blast. Pulling in one after the other. AFter a while decided to move in a bit closer and things went quiet when my youngest son started grunting I'm thinking what the hell when I see his rod bowed over and struggling to keep the rod tip up. He's playing this fish with all his might and was offered help on a number of occassions but was so focused on boating this fish that he didn't even answer. Anyway he finally got up to the surface and we got the net under him, a nice Mowie. He was so proud, that proud that he nagged me to post this up tonight,, very tired now!!! After boating the famous Mowie we decided to call it a day.

What a great way to spend a Friday :1fishing1:


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