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First Jew (on Sp)


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Where do I begin.

After plugging away fishing on average 2 early morning sessions a week in Sydney, occassionally Central Coast, Bermagui and Shoalhaven Heads using SP's and the odd Hard Body I have managed to pick-up the odd nice Flathead (my largest to date 60cm) and Bream (my largest to date 38cm overall) and every so often something unusual such as Leatherjacket, Trevally (my largest 1kG to date) etc.

Then you read posts on Fishraider and learn a little, share a little, try a little before some mixed success comes your way. A good session is followed by an average one and just when you are feeling steady progress a doughnut session hits you and you are back to square one.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on BUT on Easter Saturday I ventured out for a 5.45am start planning a 2 hour session Land Based in the Shoalhaven River using SP's.

On the 4th cast I managed a small Flathead (just undersized) and after returning him to the water I flicked a Berkley Gulp Fry in Pumpkinseed out into a local creek adjacent to bridge structure (time was estimated as approx 6am) on a trusty 1/16th Jig Head using a 6'6" Rack Raider Rod and Stradic 1500F Reel spooled with 6lb Fireline and 8lb Flurocarbon leader. 2nd lift I came up solid on a fish that I immeadiately knew was of good size.

I had called it for a Flathead with a feeling of some early headshakes (in the passed 6 months I have dropped 2x Flathead within 1 metre of th shoreline that easily looked 82cm in length) and after a few good runs and some great help from a wonderful drag setting on the reel I landed my first ever Jew (see pic herein) :yahoo: .

It measured 82cm in Length and Weighed 6kG and was in great condition.

Now I have spent many a day catch and release BUT today this fella was taken for the table.

I was so pumped when I slid this baby up onto the bank that I ended my session at 6.10am and headed back to the caravan park to show off this catch with my 4x children and wife :1yikes:.

After managing to wake the family I was aided by my lovely wife whom took a few shots for my memories.

I was also aided by a great local fisherman whom has vast experiences in tournament fishing throught NSW and NZ whom lives in the caravan park and was able to show me the fine art of cleaning and filleting as well as alert me to a few tips on eating habits and sharing a wealth of general fishing knowledge.

This was also considered an early Birthday prsent as I turn 35 on April 20 2006.

I would like to submit her for fish of the month, even though there are a couple of nice April posts already up.

To all those whom have caught Jew, chased Jew or thought about Jew I now know the feeling and consider myself a new member to the club.

Does Lure fishing get any better than that - Long Live SP's and Hard Body Lures - I am an eternal convert. :thumbup:


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First! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! :1happybday:

That was a really well written report that I enjoyed reading alot. Thanks for posting it. :thumbup:

Well done on the catch, it's extra special when you land something like that when you're landbased plus using lures. You landed it on light gear too which is the icing on the cake.

It's a Kodak & Mastercard (priceless) moment all rolled up into one. I hope you keep landing them. :1fishing1:

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Guest madsmc

Well done on a great looking jew mate. A fine example of persistance paying off in the end.

:1happybday: to you for Thursday as well. :biggrin2:



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Hi ianoc69,

Congratulations! :thumbup: And happy birthday. :biggrin2:

Your success story is sure to inspire the rest of us SP fanatics, who haven't yet landed a jew, to keep plugging a way.

Appreciate the specific technical detail of your capture -- very useful.



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Thanks all.

I like to put back info where and when I can.

There are so many posts that help out on this site and people always willing to point in the right direction on any number of issues.

I would not be where I am today without many hours of support and reading on the Fishraider site.

I do not consider myself to be a gun fisho BUT I am respectful of those willing to help and always willing to put back into the site to maybe help others.

I do hope there are many more good fish of all species to come.

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:1happybday: Mate and what a great fish, I'm new to the world of plastics too and landed my pb flattie today at 52cm and was over the moon so you must have been bloody ecstatic with that catch. Well done mate :yahoo:

Well done Robert ,you will now be addicted :1fishing1::1fishing1::1fishing1::1fishing1::1fishing1:

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