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Hawkesbury Marine Park Public Meeting (1st One)

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All, here is a Public Meeting Notice next on the Central Coast. This should be huge and be the start of others.

Shellharbour to Newcastle. Plenty of your best fishing spots which means plenty of LABOR LIES from Ministers Debus and Macdonald. See you there!!!!!!!!! and tell your friends

This is what it is all about> http://www.mpa.nsw.gov.au/pdf/Hawkesbury%2...0Assessment.pdf

Public Meeting




Mingara Recreation Club - 6pm Monday 8-5-2006

Presentations by scientists and politicians

Defend your fishing and access rights

Hosted by concerned citizens in association with $%^&* Inc.

Bob Smith

TFP Supporting $%^&*

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My 10 min topic presentation at the Central Coast meeting if anybody is interested> about 350 attended I believe. There will probably be an official report which I can post if someone else doesn't


Firstly- I want to make it quite clear that $%^&* and The NSW Fishing Clubs Association IS NOT THE FISHING PARTY. There is no financial or dependence or any control between them other than a mutual agreement of support aiming for the same outcome. The Fishing Party has a Political aim of leverage in Politics and to challenge the major party structure with sensible alternatives to the Greens. That’s the way politics work and that’s your decision to either support or dismiss the idea.

But for now it’s about the Marine agenda and Regional Biodiversity Assessments creating Marine Parks where the fishing community is locked out of 20-50% of declared parks. Today being the Hawkesbury shelf bio-region stretching from Shellharbour in the south to Stockton Beach in the North including all tidal Estuaries, Headlands, Beaches and waterways out to the 3 nautical mile state-waters line.

Ban fishing, No more family days down the beach, Close that track off, Don’t walk on the grass, Don’t park there, Pay these fees, Don’t drive on the beach, You need a license, Over-fishing, 50%-30%-20% sanctuaries, Precautionary principal, Spillover affect.

These are today’s Marine headlines, and I hope everybody is asking WHY???? And what you should be asking is “WELL - What about true conservation issues.”

Don’t eat that- it’s toxic, Another major fish kill, Bad luck- there’s no compensation for your business, What science –there is none,

CONFUSING –you bet, Mismanagement- you bet, Misleading- guaranteed.

My answer to this is ANTI-FISHING LOBBYING AND POLITICAL POWER PLAY is prevailing. The fishing community is divided (some of that is on purpose and others are blinded by authority and opportunity)

The magic word today is BIO-DIVERSITY This word is manipulated and lied about whenever the bureaucrats fail in research, science, facts and data to get their way. Even you and I can manipulate it to get a desired outcome. I seem to have a different meaning and responsibility to the decision makers. The newspapers and media love it, especially when promoted by warm cuddly land and sea animals in a one sided emotional propaganda campaign. This is the legacy of BOB Carr’s 10 year Labor reign of an arrogant mandate driven by stealth which now must be exposed for it’s deceitful merit and especially the major downfalls. The Extremists and their ground support (of which we the taxpayers are funding) are writing Labor green policy, they all will deny it of course but the evidence is overwhelming. We all see “Save the Koalas, Save the Trees” as headlines but we don’t see the extremists in the aftermath of the smoldering carcasses and the destruction. How many extremists do you know who are members of the rural fire service or part of the rescue teams who put their lives on the line trying to protect these green policy aftermaths.

What we are trying to expose in this vast land of under-utilised Marine resources is the true conservation measures that need addressing and to be prioritised by a committed and responsible government rather than stopping fishing to appease the so-called greenies.

Referring to our NSW waterways, some of which are so toxic by 40 times the W.H.O. standard, there is a major failure to even recognize the disastrous state of marine survival let alone the human health nasty potential.

Prof Leon Zann from Southern Cross has some excellent papers on the state of the environment in relation to the marine resource survival. He promotes that up to 50% of eastern coastal stocks (NSW & southern Qld) have succumbed to environmental disaster.

With my own research and along with TFP Environmental Officer Paul Hennelly we have personally witnessed all along our coast, Major fish-kills, Massive sewage problems (the central coast has major sewage and nutrient problems), Major water quality and quantity issues (some have no inter-tidal water change at all), Erosion, Diseases and viruses, Massive siltation problems, Stagnant and de-oxygenated water meaning stuffed fish nurseries, Toxic Blue-green Algae. None of which receives very little rectification commitment from governing bodies, as it’s easier to put up a NO-FISHING sign or create no-fishing zones by default.

The Sydney Harbor toxic fiasco is just the tip of the iceberg that could not be avoided in getting the public eye like other disasters have. The results of the Green Olympics as we were to be at the time. For 10 years Governments have known about this problem with promises emerging at every election, even in 2002 an Upper House inquiry exposed the facts- results NOTHING but toxic fish.

I remember having arguments on the south coast radio with Steve Dunn about why fisheries don’t do something to prevent fish kills. Not their responsibility was his reply as his department was only managing the fish resource and it’s harvesting, not their health. That answer showed me the proof of why our oyster industry is suffering, our Abalone industry is diseased and why there are headlines weekly and sometimes daily of major environmental fish kills somewhere in NSW. I hear now there is ANOTHER sewage outfall going in below the Hawkesbury rail bridge. Do Governments ever learn, apparently not?

Nobody in this room and as a matter of fact anybody I know, is not conscious of the environment and deliberately works for it’s destruction but I can’t find the right answer for stopping recreational fishing in AUSTRALIA other than the toxic health issue.

For any part of Australian Government in power, state or federal, whether Labor or Liberal, to promote the best and easiest access fishing spots as NO-FISHING ZONES without backing it up with any scientific evidence is surely embarking on an anti-fishing program and MUST be challenged.

We hear from the managers and Ministers that our state controlled marine stocks are not over fished but they continue with having No-Fishing zones and promote 20-50% sanctuaries. Somebody is telling a lie when we hear from the extremists (NCC. TWS. NPA etc) about the collapse of our marine resource. If it is the extremists then Minister you need to say so and denounce them. If it is you then you need to be sacked. We (the majority of the fishing community) are being hoodwinked into believing it’s for our own benefit.

This lockout agenda is failing to see the Real Conservation problems that affect our Marine Resource, and that’s what we want to get public guarantees from the major party political structure to happen. The Fishing communities CAN make that happen come 24th March 2007.

Robert Smith

The Fishing Party

0265560338, 0432252789, sinali@optusnet.com.au, www.thefishingparty.info

I Fish I Vote I Care

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Well, I was there and it was an interesting night. Ken Thurlow gave a very informative and entertaining talk on marine parks and their effects. All in all its not looking great but for the efforts of people like Ken and Bob Smith who continue to fight this battle in a determined and passionate way.

AN $%^&* committee was formed and hopefully will bring some more attention to this problem. $%^&* are growing strong and have the support of the coaliton party to stop the parks.

It is becoming very clear that at the next election a vote for labour is a vote for a marine park dominated waterway where back room deals with the greens are common place.

The libs at the meeting have pledged to protect the rights of rec fishos and stop the implementation of further parks.

Dont care who you vote for just dont vote labour if you like fishing !

Great work Bob !

Coalition statement

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