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Am I Wasting My Time?


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I was thinking of doing some Fly fishing Practice from my boat on the Woronora/Georges weekend after next. Hoping for a flathead.

Can anyone tell me if thats a waste of time. Given the location.

definately not if you are flicking around the georges oyster leases! some quality bream in there what species are you targeting?
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I am going to target Flatties at first. For a few reasons, first of al I thought as they are a bit easier to catch on a lure then a bream it may be the same for the fly. Secondly as i don't own too many flys and the one that I have are very small(probably for Trout). I have put some small curl tail grubs onto small hooks (they look very similar to a Dog Tooth Jelly Belly)and thought that they may do for th weekend. I am using this as casting practice from my boat mainly and if I can pick up a Flattie for tea that would be tops :thumbup:

Also where exactly are the oyster leases, say from como.

Thanks for the help.



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Guest lbgking

Fly fishing for flathed is tricky. The main problem is getting through all the bream to get your fly near the shallows. Unless your sight casting on the flats?

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