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Shore Based - Brisbane Water


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Hi All.

I don't have a boat and am new to the area (Central Coast).

Any ideas on where to fish? I have fished the Railway Bridge at Gosford, which is OK but I want to try to land something a bit more decent than bream or barely legal flatties.

Any suggestions for beach spots or somewhere I could land (hopefully) a jew, tuna etc?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks. I think i'll try the beaches first, prob Wamberal.

I'll let everyone know how I go.


Good. There's supposed to be a nice supply of soapy jews there. If not, there's always tailor and salmon on the cards. Good luck.


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For the Mighty jew on the coast you can't go past North Entrance beach, there are spots in brizzy but can be hard. if it things that are fast and try to rip your arms out there are some great ledges around the catho hill bay area that have produced massive kings , tuna etc. in the past but they do take a fair few km's of walking to get to. Newy Harbour also hase som of the central coast best Land based jew spots around.

Good luck


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Thanks for the tips everyone. Didn't get to Wamberal due to work but as I now work nights I will have an opportunity to chase some jews.

Finish at 11 or 12 midnight, straight to the water, nice rum and away we go till the morning....

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