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Flint And Steel


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Hi All just wanted to know if any raider fished F&S sunday , Me and son were returning from outside run at 2pm and noticed F&S like carpark , My Son counted 22 boats there. Just wanted to know what was being caught if anything. THANKS. Oh yeh we only managed a heap of Red Rockies and one small Snapper most caught by son Caige , his first to boot, at East and West reef in 15-20m water.

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Guest wayneo

mate that joint is a car park

reason why i dont fish there is because people just anchor anywhere and if i get onto a big jew i wont just have to fight the fish but 10 anchors and chains aswell

i think some regular guys fish there and other fishos see 5 or 6 boats so they pull up then another couple of boats pull up and it becomes pitt st on water.

good luck fishing the steel when there is that many baits in the water

and i cant remember the last time i heard of someone getting o good feed from there

cheers wayneo

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Yeah, don't know why there were so many red rockies about on the weekend (see my fishing report). Usually get the odd one but at one time I was pulling them up one after another.

Earlier in the year I got a few small jewies (3 - 5 kg) at F&S on the weekend, but dont bother if there are too many boats. I find everybody waits for the tide turn and the moves on if no fish result. Last time I had to wait ~1 hr after the turn, when the flow really belted out before the fish came by. By that time most other boats had left with only another cluey boat next to me and myself to quietly pull a few over the side. :biggrin2:

Much better at F&S during the week.

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