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Shimano Spheros 6000 & 8000


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Guest fishrunner

short answer easily, jewel has a 4000, still holding it's own, highly rated as jiging reels


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Great reels. I have a 8000 for jigging with 50lb braid. You might wanna consider the big baitrunner for live baiting. You may have difficulty giving freespool with the spheros, you have to either have the bail open or release all tension on spool. You can get in trouble with both methods and mackeral can hit very hard. Other then that the spheros is perfect for fishing in gear. I use a 4500 baitrunner loaded with 30lb braid for mackeral in QLD and Fiji

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ah ok thanks saqa, the reel will be used for landbased action , i thought of the spheros over the BR because of the weight when casting all day.., apart from that do the baitrunners cast well?

Mate I would really recomend the baitrunner then. The spheros is a heavy reel as well. Get yourself a 4500 baitrunner and stick 30-50lb bionic braid on that. The reel can take it and is not heavy in the hand. The bionic floats nicely and will help in floating out lives for macks and trevs. With the freespool on with slight tension you can set the rod and continue spinning with another outfit. The spheros will not be as efficient at livebaiting. the baitrunners cast nicely

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