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Rocket Launcher

Guest crow

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Hi all,

Just after some advice pls.

I want to attach a rocket launcher to my bow rails, can i do this with a standard one- like the ones in the BIas magazine???

Sorry novice here!!

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Guest wayneo

mate if you wanna pm me i can help you wit your rocket launcher my mate makes all mine up for me and those ones from bias are cheap and crap

im only around the corner from you so pm me

cheers wayneo

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Crow, mate if you want to drive to Fairfield you can come and pick up a couple from me, they are quality strong ones, i have no use for them, they were off my downrigger. pm me if you want them

They are worth $60 each, you can have em for nothing

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Hey wayneo,

have being seen you on the water laterly,i was just reading your comment about the rocket launches your mate does, im looking 4 some 4 my signature,are they stainless steel and what does he usaully charge 4 about 6 rockets, im pretty sure he can weld or mount them to the exsisting caponpy frame.can you let us know.



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