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Letter To The Premier

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I've decided to be a nuisance and send short, to the point letters to Iemma.

Todays effort:

Mr Iemma,

You must be disappointed that after all of your efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions that Greenpeace have come out and effectively stabbed you in the back and publically criticised you. After all that effort to buy and culture the green vote as well.

Now you must realise how I feel as a keen recreational fisher when I see state Labour nuturing the green vote by declaring scientifically unproven Marine Parks and no fishing sanctuary zones.

As a lifelong Labour voter, you have stabbed me in the back.


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mate i've been doing the same for a while, here's my latest....

Dear Mr Iemma,

I am an active fisherman/spearfisherman from the Sydney southern suburbs, i regular use these waters to carry out my pastime. I also frequent Narooma and other south coast locations purely for the sole reasons mentioned. If these popular fishing towns are locked up as a result of Marine Sanctuary Zones i will probably never return. I would one day like to teach and take my children fishing and see the joy of landing a fish in our backyard [sydney] on my young ones face, this is a luxury that will soon be abolished if your marine parks continue to lock up popular spots along the NSW coastline. The pathetic research performed has proven nothing and the lack of independent research only proves your ignorance and willingness to bend over for easy votes.

Well let me tell you this, I for one will not be voting Labor in the next state election, not only myself but the 1,000,000+ other recreational fishermen who use NSW waters to carry out their pastime will also not vote Labor, my wife and friends that don't fish also will not be voting Labor, as my small insignificant bounty will no longer be shared with them! Instead these votes will be going to the State Liberal party, now who's getting easy votes!

Have a nice day.

if everyone does this, it will make a huge difference!

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Hi guys,

As Jeff Fenech says "I love youse all !" :thumbup:

We need to get something like this going in Queensland. With an election likely to be called at any time we need to get in the pollies' ears BEFORE they make commitments to the green groups.

I'll do some research on who to send emails to etc & get back to you. Hopefully Qld fishos can avoid the grief our brothers down south have had to suffer.


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