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Lower Lachlan Snags To Be Mapped

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The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) will be mapping snags within the Lachlan River channel near Hillston under a Lachlan Catchment Management Authority project that addresses concerns of erosion and water loss due to excessive amounts of in-stream woody debris.

The mapping exercise will be conducted during July when NSW DPI staff will be accessing the Lachlan River between Redbank Corner and Whealbah.

NSW DPI Senior Conservation Manager Adam Vey said that some stakeholders had raised concerns about large numbers of snags causing erosion and water transmission problems in the Lachlan River.

“This project aims to identify problem areas and manage them appropriately,” he said.

“The project will ensure that the role of snags as fish habitat is recognized as several native fish species use snags as spawning and feeding sites as well as refuge.

“By identifying sustainable levels of fish habitat within this area, we can manage issues raised by stakeholders regarding snag numbers, while still ensuring we don’t have a detrimental impact on the native fish community.”

Adjacent landholders will be contacted to discuss any issues they have with snags in their area.

Following the mapping exercise, landholders will be consulted to ensure that their interests and issues are included in an action plan to address the adverse impacts of snags in the Lachlan River.

Media contact: Sarah Chester 02 6036 2110, 0417 207 669

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