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Yellow Fin Tuna - Sunday 30/7


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Hi Raiders,

As some of you were following in the social section, you will be aware that a couple of Fishraiders had booked a Game fishing charter on Glenn Hunters Billfisher for Sunday the 30th after some re-scheduling dues to adverse weather conditions on the 16th.

Well, after a confirmation of YFT biting on Saturday, Sunday came around with much anticipation and speculation as to wether we were going to score or not, Tri (pekingduck) and cousin, Aron, myself and two other non raiders met at the Sans souci public wharf for a very civilised 8am start. We loaded ourselves onto the boat and steered the pointy end out of Botany Bay with the deckie rigging and checking all of the tackle whilst we talked shit, sun shining, calm waters, luxury...

A few kilometres out of the heads Billfisher dropped to a steady 8kn troll and the spread goes out, 15 minutes into the troll and the right rigger goes off and 24kg mono starts to scream off the Penn 50W, a spirited fight and a fantasic gaff shot in the gills by myself :1prop: saw the first fish of the day slap the deck, a YFT just of approx 25kg, this was going to be a good day! :thumbup: The spread was re-set and we made our way out to browns.

Upon reaching the shelf at 10:30, all hell broke loose with a double hookup :biggrin2: , i was third in strike order which found me attached to some sort of tuna, nothing spectacular but still a reasonable fish giving its best right at the back of the boat. Two more YFT hit the deck both being somewhere under 10kg. The day was looking very promising! it was time for some 30kg+ specimens!

The next action was just as a few of us were helping our selves to some lunch, as it always when you aren't ready for it. The left rigger went on the troll and was hooked up tight, Aron was on, then the short skirt was taken, Tri's cousin was on, then things got interesting after Tri hooked up his minnow whilst pulling the lines in! 3 fish on, but unfortunately Tri's spit the hooks. With two fish doing their best not to become our dinner, and the deckie ready with a gaff, that left poor old me being the only set of free hands on the deck, i start cranking in the long right rigger as fast as i can as tangles were about to spoil our fun, i feel a very solid bump, i crank faster, a bigger bump, a few more turns, another bump and i strike! all of a sudden line is screaming off the reel as the other two are preparing to bring in their fish, some re arranging of peoples on the deck, more line gone, and i am ready to fight. What ever i was on had 350m+ of line out and a good bend in the 24kg stick, It was all happening with a quadruple hookup! :yahoo: . Two 10kg Albacore hit the deck! 20 minutes of arm stretching later my second YFT hits the deck, a good fish of around the 35kg mark! :beersmile: Woohoo!

Everyone was stoked and had some fish to take home, except poor old Tri, whose first fish spat the hooks. So the spread went out again and Tri had the stage, just one more fish! About an hour later, the right rigger goes again and line starts pouring off the Penn 50, at this stage the westerly was making life difficult to say the least with plenty of rocking and rolling it was a challenge to stay of your feet, let alone fight a tuna!, Tri jumped into the chair and was ready to rock with the rod in the gimbal, except this fish was really pissed off, line was still tearing off with the drag up at full so we had to resort to palming the spool with a wet towel, the initial run had been stopped and the boat turned head on to the sea to make things easier for Tri. Tri was back on his feet and fighting the fish like a pro using low gear to get some of the 600+m of line back, there was alot of weight on the end of his line. 25 minutes of lifting and winding, then loosing it all again had left Tri's arms burning and alot of line still to be retreived, so he slipped into a back harness and clipped onto the reel. The fish was being stubborn and spend the last 20 minutes of the fight doing circles below the boat within veiw of Tri just to frustrate him some more... Finally, the fish was traced by the deckie and i sunk the gaff deep into a very very big fish...What hit the deck was a YFT that was close to 40kg, the best fish of the season according to Glenn the skipper, Tri was stuffed, but had a smile you couldnt wipe off his face!

We set the spread in hope of some more mayhem, but that was it for the afternoon, we trolled back towards home for zip, then made the charge back into botany bay.

It was a really great day, with everyone taking home a fish, i was fortunate enough to bag two. now i have 40kg of cleaned YFT living in my fridge :P

Pics will be up in a few minutes!

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Guest Dont Shoot Da Chinamen


fantastic report sammy0884

Congrats everyone on their YFT :thumbup:

i wish i came but i would have :puke:


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Gentlemans hours


Calm Botany Bay




The days Bag



Deckie cleaning the tackle, back inside botany bay


The lure that did the damage taking all three big fin, Bloodshot "avenger" 12" with a teaser 4m ahead.


Done and dusted! Tri's ripper YFT!

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Woohoooooooo!! :yahoo:

Ripper of a report Sammy & what a top days fishing! :thumbup:

Some quality fish, top boat & skipper & good company sounds like a fantastic day.

Great to see Glenn & Billfisher producing the goods again.

Well done fellas.



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What a fantastic result and a top read. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

Congratulations Sammy those are mighty fin you all caught.

Albacore are a real bonus and one of my favourite fish to eat.

Thats my kind of fishing hours start a 8.00am and 15 or 20 minutes of clearing the heads in come 25kg of yellow fin tuna destioned ofr the BBQ.

Mate its great to seesome fishraiders put in the time and money and come up with such a great outcome.

Nice pics also.



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Forgot to mention the frigate which dive bombed our lure and tangled up.

He put up a spirited fight, but was no match on 24kg.

It was quickly bled and put on ice.


only joking RSPCA.

Untangled and released unharmed and gave Sammy a nice bite for his troubles (that is his finger between its beak)

Would have made nice pekingduck.

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Awesome Work Boys

Good to see the fish out there again and that u guys got into them,

Was thinking about a run on Sunday nearer the Moon will post in the trips section ;)

hanging to get my arms streached.


Sounds good Jon, give me a yell if you have a spare seat :thumbup:

we were getting into them on 24kg gear, but i think they would be 5x more fun on 15kg!

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