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Hawkesbury Today


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Hi Raiders,

Been a while since I've posted a report I know..heaps going on in my life at the moment but when I got a call up for a fish today from a loyal mate, I couldn't resist but drop everything and release the long build up of tension :(

Anyway the day started early and we hit a few spots near some Oyster leases but the water was very cold. We fished hard with Nippers and Chicken Gut and in the end managed 7 Bream biggest going 34cm 1 flathead going 45cm and a surprise Whiting giving a good account of itself at 31cm. Make no mistake it was tough out there and we worked hard to catch what we did.

Not much I know and although we had a camera on us I couldn't be bothered taking a shot of such a measly catchNonetheless it was my mates Birthday and we shared a few :beersmile: together so from that front it was a great day on the water with a great mate :thumbup: Just wanted to post mainly to say g'day to all the fellow raiders and :yahoo: that I managed to finally get out after a long 6 weeks

ps We burleyed like never before and couldn't raise 1 Trevor at Pittwater on the run in.. are they still around? Cheers Sam

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At least you were out on the water and you got something.

Hopefuly wont be long till the water starts warming up.

Well done.



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That's still a good catch for this time of the year Sammy.

I would have been really happy if I caught that last weekend

as I didn't do to well at Botany,to many PJ's and yellowtail.

Great report.


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Guest madsmc

That's still a good catch for this time of the year Sammy.

:dito: that. Match that bag of fish with a few beers with a good mate and it's a near perfect day. Nice one Sammy. :thumbup:



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Well done on the catch,

The trevs have been a bit random over the past 6 weeks in Pittwater, cant seem to put my finger on it, whethere its moon, water temp, tide, time of day etc

They just seem to show up when you dont expect them, but hey soemtimes the hard work doesnt pay off.


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