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Ah The Good Old Days


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G`day Fellas ,

My neighbour just handed me the Manning River Times pointing out the article featured in the Post below.

Now although they ran the story and photo of Lawries enormous Tailor last week , they have re-run it again today , but this time , with some reflections of the good old days , by a pair of their Fishing Archivists who also love to wet a line .

Note the date of the Archive Feature ! , Jan 17 1933 , 73 years ago , which just goes to prove I guess , that fish like this one , only come around once in a lifetime .

Felas , in a way I guess our Generation was a bit luckier than the current one , because when we tell you that Bream weighing 5 pounds were common back in the good old days , it was true.

The same goes for Large Tailor , fish up to 8LB were the Norm , and Kingfish 50 LB and over were a dime a dozen back then.

Big Jews , some 100LBS and over , were being taken regularly up and down the coast , but most of these catches went unreported by most Anglers of that period , that is unless they belonged to a club of some sort , and then it got coverage , but most times , we just put the Knife through them and fed the frames back to the sea.

Today though , even with all the New Technology , you still have to have a little Bit of luck , but mostly , you have to put the time in .


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