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hey guys, hopefully soon i will be getting a boat, but recently ive been doing a bit of research all over the net for tinnys that measure 15foot and under on the trailer, but cant find anything that will be suitible.

Does anyone know of anything under 15ft?

or any way of shortening the trailer perhaps :wacko:


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You can get a trailer with a folding drawbar



you can get a trailer under 15ft and get a tinny to suit


Boat Size Approx 3.9M

Gross Trailer Mass (kg) 450kg

Trailer Mass (kg Only) 136

Tyre Size 500x10

Length O/A 4090mm

Width O/A 1570mm

Width Between Guards 1220

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I have a swingaway drawbar on my trailer so that i can get the boat in the garage.

I got mine as an option when i got the boat, but im sure that it would not be to difficult to have it done to an existing trailer

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