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You Won`t Believe This One


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Well Fellas , you Just won`t believe this !.

Yesterday arvo , I got a call from an old fishing buddy in Sydney .

Now although not on line , he was shown a pic of Lawries Record Tailor whilst visiting his grandson for a family Barbecue .

Then ,after reading the story , and making a few enquireries, he knew straight away who the author was , and so , after tracking me down , called to have a chat , and naturally catch up on old times.

But now , get this , he too had fished the Stones at Jervis Bay , and then totally blew me away when he told me that even though Rob Barretts fish was a good one , My Niece`s Husband , Jason Scafidi , still holds the record for a KINGFISH taken from the Stones , and it went 31~point something Kilos, so , can you believe that !! , well bugger me , it’s a small world isn`t it .

I knew Jaso loved his fishing , in fact the the whole family are camping nuts , but I never knew he was into the LB game stuff.

Anyway I hadn`t seen Jason all that much , in fact he told me last night when I rang him , that it was about 8/9 years ago, so time surely does fly.

So , he will be sending me the Photos of his record catch , and I will post them on here for all to see .

I think he said it was weighed at Deans Tackle and Bait shop , but I must admit I have forgotten where that was , Jervis bay I think , but I `m nor quite sure .

And rest assured , that when they finally get hooked up with their long awaited broadband service , ( 2 months waitng list ) he will be a regular visitor to Fishraider.

And as you would expect , will have some pretty good experiences to share with us Raiders , not only about the Fish that have been caught there , but also the guys that catch them as well .

I for one can`t wait ……


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